Broken things

Things in my life that are currently broken:

  1. My Subaru’s driver’s side window, which, two months ago, stopped rolling down and presumably also no longer rolls up. Makes drive-through windows kind of a pain to deal with.  In more positive news, I’ve begun eating less fast food, cause lord knows I cannot be bothered to get out of my car and go inside.

  2. My lawnmower, which, three weeks ago, began  making horrible noises (the kind of sharp-blades-of-metal-about-to-fly-in-all-directions kind of noises that most people don’t care to hear coming from some place beneath their butts.  It has been sent to the shop where it has been for two weeks.

  3. My desktop computer, which, two weeks ago, made a funny ozone smell upon startup, worked for another five minutes then shut itself off.  I ordered a new power supply on the theory that my old one was bad, but this doesn’t seem to be the issue.

  4. My bluetooth headphones, which have been ailing a bit since one of the arms of their neck-wrapable housing snapped, exposing fragile wires within.  I “fixed” it by the use of some gorilla glue and some moldable glue putty on top of that.  Then, the headphone earbud developed a gap where the wire-cover meets the earbud.  I “fixed” this with some liquid electrical tape.  Unfortunately, it didn’t last and the earbud went ahead and developed a break in the wire, killing that earbud.

  5. My sense that anyone in government is decent or can be trusted, which has actually had several hairline cracks in it since the `90s, but which has finally gone ahead and shattered into multiple pieces.  The best I think we can hope for is that a given politician’s self-serving interests might coincidentally line up with good policy.

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