Synchronicitous Events #2

Today while at play rehearsal, the topic of actress Margot Kidder came up.   Our director, I learned, is friends with someone who is currently working with her on a film project.  Naturally, with the topic of Margot Kidder broached, we began discussing some of her history, such as her appearance in the Superman films of the `80s and her enjoyable appearances on the early `90s sitcom Boston Commons.  And, of course, the time she had an imbalance in her medication and wound up in someone’s Los Angeles back yard during a manic episode.  We all noted that we liked her.

Hours later, as I was walking into my house listening to episode 1515 of the podcast Never Not Funny on my phone, who should come up in their conversation but Margot Kidder, in reference to celebrities going a bit batty.

Oooo weeeee oooooooh.


UPDATE: 11/15/14

Was listening to the Film Vault podcast’s October 31 episode today and Margot Kidder came up there, too, in reference to the movie Maverick, in which she appears.  I’ve not thought of Margot Kidder in years and three references to her hit me in the space of three days, each from unrelated sources originating weeks apart.


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